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CATC-HCC was formed in 2018 by two leading accounting firms: Henriquez, Croes & Co. and Caribbean Accounting & Tax Consultants N.V. The firm engages in the administration of accounts, annual accounts, payroll administrations, and giving tax and business advice. CATC-HCC developed an in-depth understanding of specific business sectors and the principles that drive them to provide their range of clients from a variety of different industries. They help their clients understand current trends, technologies, and competitive issue to bring them the best options to grow and sustain their business. The firm is affiliated with the NOVAK, the Dutch Bar Association, and with the International Fiscal Association. CATC-HCC has offices in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and St. Maarten. 


The Lab is a Caribbean-based Boutique Digital Marketing Agency founded in 2012. It specializes in helping companies become more successful by increasing their visibility, acquiring new customers through online marketing, and building their online presence through Social Media and Google AdWords. The Lab received the ‘Best in the Business’ award in 2017 by the Guardian Group, for its professionalism, team work, and values. In 2021, The Lab formed a partnership with The Stagwell Group, which has allowed them to tap into a new world of digital knowledge and provide an enhanced level of service to their 120+ clients.

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