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First established in 1986 as a group of restaurants focusing on combined marketing efforts, the first group of restaurants grew into the Aruba Gastronomic Association (founded in 1994). The first and only association on the island bringing restaurateurs together to focus on combined efforts on training, food safety & sanitation, and dine around program. Now a more industry inclusive association called the Aruba Food & Beverage Association had become an authentic voice of the industry.



Aruba Food & Beverage Association is a group of food & beverage establishments around the island of Aruba that is inclusive to all types of restaurants and bars.

These establishments have collectively joined forces to look after their mutual interests when it comes to governmental and non-governmental related topics. The association focuses on bringing restaurants together for active lobbying, combined marketing efforts, food and safety sanitation, and education and staffing.



AFBA’s vision is unite all F&B establishments under one alliance, creating one reliable voice for the large community of employees and entrepreneurship in Aruba’s food & beverage industry to level the playing field and raise the standards to make the island a top culinary destination in the Caribbean. 



Our mission is to continuously innovate and raise the standards in the quality of food & beverage services provided in Aruba. We do this by sustaining our members with education and training by partnering with national and international specialists who offer special education programs to our member employees in regards to specific technical parts of the business, ranging from food handling, cost control, innovative ways to up-sell, and customer service. A large part of our focus is cultivating a liaison between Aruba’s government and its agencies to help maintain a healthy business environment for the local food and beverage establishment.




To be ethical, have fully transparent and sound governance, and display good faith in all activities 

of Excellence

To achieve excellence through constant innovation and continuous education 

& Effective Communication

Manage all dealings and transmit all messages conveying respect and diplomacy


To exemplify professional leadership, high standards and be a role model for the Food and Beverage industry in Aruba 


Promote cooperation, exchange of information, plans and ideas

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